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SAP EWM with SAP S/4 HANA is nothing but the warehousing that offers world-leading SAP Extended Warehouse Management solution embedded in SAP S/4HANA. From these article, you will get the brief introduction of embedded EWM. Following are the topic covered in these article.

1. Evolution of EWM
2. Embedded SAP EWM in S/4HANA: What is it?
3.  Functional comparison between WM and S/4 HANA EWM.


The primary functionality of warehouse management tool is to give precise, on-time stocks till Bin level, capacity of following every one of the developments and giving examination analytics. In the recent era SAP meet the complex requirement in modern warehouse with SAP Extended warehouse management.

SAP EWM Overview

Evolution of Extended Warehouse Management

It is extremely intriguing to take note of the way traversed by SAP to give functionality to track stocks from IM part level to display Extended Warehouse Management.

1. To begin with, Stock was managed at just storage location level with IM segment and with no Warehouse Management segment.

2. Next, the office to enter Bin number as a content in Material Master was given and stock was managed at storage location level. No Warehouse Management segment still.

3. Afterward, SAP presented Lean Warehouse Management idea where Bin number was as yet kept up in Material Master as a content, yet the framework could make picking Task and affirmation of picking assignment to refresh picked amount in Outbound Delivery. The development of Warehouse Management segment proceeded from Storage Unit idea, reconciliation with modules like PP, QM and HR and HU joining.

4. Introduction of Yard Management, Cross-Docking and esteem included administrations in ERP 4.7C discharge set 2.0 and named as Extended Warehouse Management.

5. ERP EWM arrangement with TRM functionality is included.

6. Decentralized Extended warehouse management solution as a piece of Supply chain administration. Integration with SAP ERP is required for information exchange.

7. Expanded Warehouse Management in SAP S/4 HANA.

Embedded SAP EWM in S/4HANA: What is it?

SAP EWM in S/4HANA gives our clients with new deployment alternative (first discharged toward the finish of 2016). We are taking our reality class SAP Extended Warehouse Management arrangement and furthermore conveying it.

It's a brilliant, vital move to make our demonstrated warehousing software, and the continuous innovation here, additionally accessible in a halfway sent ERP suite. We build up a typical center – one code-line – and convey this in various arrangement choices for our diverse client needs. In these way SAP EWM can be run decentrally (for instance, for high-volume, exceptionally computerized distribution centers) or as an embedded solution in S/4HANA as a major aspect of a central ERP usage.

SAP EWM Embedded in SAP S/4 HANA

Functional capability comparison between Traditional WM and Embedded EWM

There are many additional and improved functionalities in EWM over the traditional Warehouse Management component.

Element/ Functionality
Embedded EWM           
Business Benefits

Organizational Structure

  1.          Warehouse Number is of 3 Characters.
  2.       Storage Type is of 3 Character.
  3.       Storage Section is of 3 Character.
  4.       Storage Bin is of 10 Characters

  1.      Warehouse Number is of 4 Characters.
  2.       Storage Type is of 4 Characters.
  3.       Storage Section is of   4 Characters.
  4.       Storage Bin is of 18 Characters.
  5.       Storage type can be either HU or Non-HU.
  6.       Bin Number is unique

  1.       Physical Bin structure will match with the Bin structure in system.
  2.       Precise location of the Material in the Bin.
  3.       Both HU & Non HU can be stored in St Type.
  4.       Defining Max. no. of Bins in St Type ensures that a single product does not overfill the storage type.

 Storage Type Search

Storage Type Search is unidirectional

Two directional. Storage Search can happen across storage types.

Efficient sorting of Bins for put away and picking

Serial Number
Up to 30 storage types, sections, bin types and storage unit types can be defined in bin searches.

  1.       No limit on the number of storage types, section.
  2.       and bin types in bin searches
Provides additional search facility and optimization when storage types are more.

Printing and Outputs

Print Control settings and output control are used to WH documents through SAP scripts and Smart Forms.

  1. Uses the post-processing framework (PPF) to trigger all printing and outputs based upon the status of warehouse tasks.
  2. Standard outputs are delivered in both.
  3. Smart Forms and Adobe forms

Leverage Adobe forms Benefits
Fixed Bin assignment
Only one fixed bin per Material in a storage type.
Multiple storage Bins per Product per storage type.
Flexibility for Fixed Bin storage process

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